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For Those About to Rock!

June 3rd, 2005

A quartet of limited releases hit theaters tonight, including a French farce, a Rock-umentary and an exploration film of the deep blue sea.

Apres Vous - Reviews
After saving a man's life, Antoine decides to help the man out by reuniting him with his ex-girlfriend, only to fall in love with her himself. The film is a charming French farce that's sure to make audiences laugh, and the only real complaint is it lacks the emotional depth of other similar films. The film opens in three theaters tonight including the Quad Cinema in New York City and the Laemmles Royal Theatre in Los Angeles.

Deep Blue - Reviews
A documentary about ocean life that includes some incredible shots. Narrated by Michael Gambon, this 90 minute film is actually edited from the nearly 7 hour mini-series, which is worth tracking down. The film opens in two theaters tonight before expanding throughout the summer.

Milwaukee, Minnesota - Reviews
Directorial debut of Allan Mindel, who started out as an agent before becoming a producer. But if the reviews are any indication, it hasn't been a smooth transition. The film opens in three theaters, including one in both Milwaukee and Minneapolis, which given the setting of the film should help its box office in those markets.

Rock School - Reviews
This Rock-umentary is being compared to School of Rock a lot, and for good reason. Jack Black's character in that film was clearly a toned down version of Paul Green. This man is obviously insane and to such a degree that he wouldn't make a believable character in a comedy like School of Rock. The fact that he's a real person just makes this documentary very compelling to watch. The film opens in 32 theaters tonight in select cities, mostly in California; that's a lot for a limited release, but this should be a subject that allows for mainstream success.

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