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Aviator Soars onto the Home Market

June 4th, 2005

The multi-Oscar winning movie, The Aviator won the week at the home market, which really surprised no one. The film topped both the DVD rentals with $10.14 million and the VHS rentals with $1.21 million for a combined total of $11.36 million. On the other hand, it came in second on the sales charts to the record breaking The Chappelle Show Season 2.

Second place went to Are We There Yet? with $9.17 in combined rentals, ($8.14 million DVD and $1.04 million VHS.) Last week's winner, National Treasure, slipped to third place with $6.78 million, just ahead of White Noise's $6.02 million. Rounding out the top five was In Good Company with $4.28 for the week and $15.19 in total.

Total rentals saw considerable growth for the week rising 13.2% to $150.8 million, up 8.4% from the same time last year. Year-to-date, 2005 is still behind 2004, but the gap closed to 1.2% at $3.3 billion.

There was a rare even on the DVD sales charts as The Chappelle Show Season 2 topped the charts breaking two TV on DVD records along the way, (biggest single day at 500,000 units and best week at 1.2 million units.) Second place went to with Team America: World Police, Are We There Yet? and National Treasure rounding out the top five.

Continuing the look at the effect Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith is having on sales of the older movies, The Original Trilogy climbed one spot to sixth place while The Phantom Menace just beat Attack of the Clones, 12th place to 13th place. Rounding out the top twenty was Clone Wars - Volume 1.

On the TV on DVD charts, The Chappelle Show Season 2 lead the way, obviously since it lead the overall DVD sales chart. Last week's winner, Seinfeld - The Complete Fourth Season was pushed down to second place ahead of NewsRadio Seasons 1 & 2. Fourth place went to Clone Wars - Volume 1 in its tenth week of release. Fifth place is not known at the moment with several different sets reportedly snagging the final spot. Both Scrubs The Complete First Season and The Chappelle Show Season 1 had strong showings while Amazon has Firefly The Complete Series as the fifth best selling TV on DVD release.

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