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Everyone Should be Happy About This Week's Selection

July 15th, 2005

Four films on this week's list, including a Canadian film making another stop, an independent film with tons of indie cred, ultra-low-budget film and the latest Hindi language release.

Hank Williams First Nation - Review
For those living in Vancouver, you have a chance to catch the Canadian film, Hank Williams First Nation. The film tells the story of Martin Fox, a 75-year-old who decides one day that he has to visit the grave of his hero, Hank Williams, before he dies. Travelling with him are his younger brother and his 17-year-old nephew but when their story becomes a "human-interest-story-of-the-week" on the media in the States, it affects the folks back home. The film opens in The Park Cinema in Vancouver, having previously opened across the country.

Happy Endings - Reviews
Easily the widest released film on this week's list at more than 50 theatres nationwide. Written and directed by the same man who did The Opposite of Sex, but the reviews suggest it won't have nearly the same drawing power. Which is a same considering how impressive the cast is.

The Reception - Reviews
The film was shot in just 8 days at a cost of a mere $5000, but it doesn't show. A rich French woman and a gay black man live in upstate New York as if they were married, but when the woman's estranged daughter visits and brings her new husband all their various relationships become much, much more confused. The Reception opens in the Quad Cinema in New York City tonight.

The Warrior - Reviews
Lafcadia is a executioner for a brutal warlord in feudal India, but when he gives up his job for a life of peace he must flee to the Himalayas. The film won several awards in its native Britain, and was originally submitted for the Best Foreign Language film for the Oscars, but was rejected based on a technicality. The film opens tonight in 4 theatres in Los Angeles and New York City including the Angelika Film Center and Arclight Cinemas.

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