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Madagascar is Fantastic on the International Stage

July 27th, 2005

It was a close race for top spot on the international charts this weekend but Madagascar just managed to pull ahead when the final figures were announced. The film added $24.6 million this weekend to its $190 million international total, including an incredible performances in both Germany and South Korea. The film was down just 14% during its second weekend adding $7.5 million to its $20.5 million running tally, if the film continues to show strong legs is could beat Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith in the market. In south Korea the film rose by 14% to $2.65 million for the week and $5.41 million during its tun. Things weren't quite as rosy in the U.K. where the film dropped by 40% to $5.7 million for a total of $19.7 million so far. The film remained in first place in both Hong Kong, ($574,000) and Taiwan, ($375,000) while its only opening was in Venezuela where the film earned $360,000.

Earlier in the weekend it looked as it Fantastic Four would pull off a win on the international charts, however, it was not to be as the film fell just short with $24.1 million from 5,017 screens. The film's best market was the U.K. where it opened in first place with $6.175 million, about the same as Batman Begins opened with a couple of weeks ago. It remained in first place in Spain with $2.24 million, which was half of its debut last weekend. The film plummeted in Russia crashing at just $390,000, down 65% from last weekend, but that was still enough for the film to retain first place. So far the film has earned $86 million internationally with the biggest single market being Mexico at just shy of $18 million.

War of the Worlds is coasting on holdovers at the moment as it doesn't open in China till mid-August. This weekend it was able to add $17.8 million to its international total and just reached $500 million worldwide. The big declines the film saw over the last two weeks soften this weekend falling just 38% in France to $3.0 million, 40% in Spain to $850,000, 20% in the U.K. to $3.1 million, etc.

The Island was a lot more attractive internationally opening with $10.4 million in a handful of markets over the weekend. More than half of that total came from South Korea where the film managed $4.9 million and an easily first place finish. It also came in second place in Taiwan with $400,000, including previews. On the other hand, the film struggles in New Zealand landing in third place with $225,000 on 61 screens. One last note, the film made about $30,000 in previews in Hong Kong over the weekend, but doesn't officially open there till this weekend.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith popped back into the top five mainly thanks to its second place, $5.4 million opening in Germany, which was the majority of the film's $8.1 million haul. Overall the movie has brought in $158 million internationally and could be the biggest Hollywood film in South Korea this year having made $16.8 million there.

This does mean that Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith has dropped out of the top five on the international charts, the first time that's happened since it debut many, many weeks ago. We'll have full details on Sunday including its third week atop the Japanese box office.

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