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Constantine Continues on Top

August 6th, 2005

Despite two new openers in the top five, Constatine remained the best on the rental market with $6.76 million in DVD rentals and $620,000 in VHS rentals. Its combined total of $7.38 million was 27% lower than last week, but it wasn't the worst drop-off in the top five.

XXX: State of the Union opened in second place with $6.52 million, which isn't enough given the film's production budget and poor performance worldwide. Strangely, Million Dollar Baby had the worst drop-off in the top five as the multi-Oscar winning movie fell 29% to $5.77 million in combined rentals. On the other hand, the critically panned Man of the House slipped by just 14% to $5.37 million and is already more than halfway to beating its domestic run on the rental market, but that still won't be enough to show a profit. Rounding out the top five was another new film, The Upside of Anger, which managed $5.02 million during its opening week; it too will top its domestic total on the home market, but unlike the previous film it is already profitable.

The only other new films on this week's list were two more critically reviled films, King's Ransom and Hotel. The two films made $1.70 million and $570,000 respectively.

Week-to-week the overall rental market was relatively flat down just 0.78% to $140.5 million, but that's still 11.7% lower than the same week last year. 2005 is now 3.1% behind last year at $4.6 billion in total rentals.

As for the sales side of the home market numbers, the top five contained the same films as the rental side, but is a slightly different order. Constatine again led the way ahead of newcomer XXX: State of the Union. The Upside of Anger finished in third place in front of Million Dollar Baby and Man of the House.

Only two other new movies charted on the DVD sales side as the anniversary edition of The Jerk finished in seventh place while Steamboy finished in 17th place.

There's a bit of confusion on the TV on DVD charts this week. Laguna Beach - The Complete First Season remained in first place, which is a bit of a shock. The first of two newcomers, Remington Steele - Season One, managed scored a first place finish. The Chappelle Show Season 2 slipped another spot to third place, which could be a sign that its dominance is finally over. Fourth place went to The Mary Tyler Moore Show The Complete Second Season, which was obviously not hurt by the long delay. Fifth place is a bit of an enigma. It appears that Seinfeld The Complete Fourth Season may have climbed back into fifth place, but according to Amazon Dead Like Me - The Complete Second Season, Sapranos The Complete Fifth Season, and Firefly The Complete Series are all selling well.

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