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Showing Off the Limited Releases

August 19th, 2005

Quite an international feel to the limited releases this weekend with all five films coming from outsite the United States (or at least filmed outside the U.S.). However, with big expansions by older releases, the new films may be forgotten.

El Crimen Ferpecto - Reviews
A black comedy about a Don Juan of the Ladies Department who is blackmailed into marriage by a homely clerk, which is his worst nightmare. Described as "gaudy, but fun", it opens tonight at the Sunshine Cinema in New York City.

Now & Forever - Reviews
Directed by Bob Clark, who directed the incredible holiday classic, A Christmas Story, but was also responsible for Baby Geniuses. This film, unfortunately, is earning reviews closer to the latter two than the first one; it's too schmaltzy, too overly sentimental for the critics. Now & Forever opens tonight in four theatres including the Broadway Theatre in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, which is where the movie was shot.

Reel Paradise - Reviews
This film opened on Wednesday at the IFC Center in New York City. The documentary is about indie film legend, John Pierson, who moved his family to rural Fiji to show movies to the locals at the 180 Meridian Cinema, the world's most remote movie theatre. The film is equal parts about the family's reaction to the move as it is about the movie theatre they run, and both parts are equally compelling.

Show Me - Review
This Canadian thriller makes its debut tonight at the Cinemark Tinseltown in Vancouver and the Canada Square (Famous Players) in Toronto, Ontario. While going to her 10th anniversary celebration at her cabin, Sarah is carjacked and kidnapped by two squeegee kids who force her to take them to the remote cabin.

Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance - Reviews
The first part of the revenge trilogy by Chan Wook Park. The second part, Oldboy, was released back in March and it earned much better reviews. The main complaint is the poor handling of the social-commentary aspect of the movie, which doesn't work with the bloody revenge the fills the last half of the movie.

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