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DVD Releases for October 4, 2005 - Part 2

October 4th, 2005

This is the second batch of previews for DVDs coming out today, the best of this lot being The Warriors - Buy from Amazon: The Ultimate Director's Cut.

Is Wal-Mart Good for America - Buy from Amazon
A very good look at the dubious business practices of America's largest employer. Not the best source for the dirt on Wal-Mart, but good nonetheless.

Mortuary Academy - Buy from Amazon
Starring Paul Bartel and Mary Woronov from Eating Raoul, so you know this film will be twisted. There's an inheritance scheme that sets up the movie, but the details are not important. What is important is the film is filled with subject matter that most would consider to be in bad taste (and yes, they do go so low as to use the necrophilia angle in the movie). Even if you like comedies that tackle disgusting or taboo subject matter, this is not one of the better films in that genre.

The New Kids - Buy from Amazon
Eddie doesn't handle rejection well, so when the new girl, Abby, turns him down he reacts poorly. And by poorly I mean he burns her house down, among other less socially acceptable things. The movie's quite bad, but there are more than a few recognizable names in it. Even if you happened to be a fan of all of them, this movie isn't even worth renting.

Night of the Lepus - Buy from Amazon
When I first saw this title I assumed it was a typo, after all, Lupus means Wolf in Latin. But nope, this is a horror movie about killer rabbits. It's so bad that it's fun to watch, if you are into that kind of thing. Also, DeForest Kelley, a.k.a. Bones McCoy has a role in it, which adds to its campy charms.

The Pippi Longstocking Collection - Buy from Amazon
All four movies edited from the Swedish / German series, which was based on the novels by Astrid Lindgren. The stories have been a favorite of children everywhere and these movies are certainly have some nostalgia value, but the lack of special features limits it value to a rental. All four movies can be purchased separately, but the box set is the better deal.

Private Parts - Buy from Amazon
No, it's not that Private Parts. This one was the directorial debut of Paul Bartel, who starred in a number of offbeat films. This is one of the better films he was involved with, but not one of the best known. The film revolves around Cheryl, a runaway who lives at her aunt's skid-row hotel, and all the eccentric people she meets there. And while this movie isn't about Howard Stern, his fans would probably appreciate this film. But without any real special features, it won't rate past a rental for most people.

Pulse - Buy from Amazon
A good horror movie needs a scary bad guy, but electricity just isn't it. Someone who can kill you with electricity or travel through electricity, that would work, but trying to say that the electricity itself is the killer is too outrageous to generate the necessary fear. Add in a DVD without any real special features and this is a disc best left on the shelf.

Robot Jox - Buy from Amazon
A Post Apocalyptic epic featuring giant fighting robots! When I was in High School, my friends and I used to rent really bad movies at least once a month. This was one of them. I might give it a rental just to see if it is truly as bad as I remember it, but I can't recommend anyone else do the same.

Santa Clause: The Movie - 20th Anniversary Edition - Buy from Amazon
This is a bad movie. A really bad movie. Maybe it has some nostalgia / kitsch value for some. The DVD release is sub par for a Special Edition, even taking into account the age of the movie, and it's way too early for Christmas releases. Skip it.

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians - Buy from Amazon
Easily one of the worst movies of all time, but it's so bad that it's fun to watch.

SCTV - Christmas With SCTV - Buy from Amazon
SCTV was a great show, and both Christmas specials that aired on NBC were outstanding, but it's just too early for Christmas. Special features include audio commentary tracks and a featurette on the Juul Haalmeyer Dancers. The DVD is worth picking up in November or December, but certainly not before Halloween.

Star Trek: Nemesis - Special Collector's Edition - Buy from Amazon: DVD or UMD Mini
The Star Trek franchise might be dead at the moment, but the DVD releases are still top notch. The movie itself is mediocre, at best, but the 2-disc set is loaded with special features, including two audio commentary tracks and a text based track with the technical consultants. Disc 2 contains more than three hours of special features including making of featurettes, interviews, featurettes on the cast, on the characters, background information. Then there's the deleted scenes, including the one with Will Wheaton, which makes the DVD worth picking up all by itself. If you own the other movies on DVD, then there's really no reason not to pick this one up as you might as well complete the set. On the other hand, if you own none of the movies, the next release is for you.

Star Trek - The Motion Pictures DVD Collection - Special Edition - Buy from Amazon
All ten movies from the Star Trek franchise released in one convenient set. Granted, a couple of the films are only worth renting, and one or two more and not even worth that, but if you ever thought of yourself as a Trekkie, then this set is a must have. Unless of course your bought all the special editions separately, then just finish off your set with Star Trek: Nemesis - Special Collector's Edition.

Stargate SG-1 - Season 8 Boxed Set - Buy from Amazon
The eighth and final season of this long running show. At least they thought it was the final season when they were writing it, since Richard Dean Anderson had said he was leaving the show. You can really tell because the show builds up to a big finale. The series is still hugely popular, as is its spin-off, Stargate Atlantis. Special features include audio commentary, a couple of featurettes and more.

The Val Lewton Horror Collection - Buy from Amazon
Nine classics of the B-Movie horror genre made in the 1940s by producer Val Lewton. Six of the films can also be purchased in double features: Cat People / The Curse of the Cat People, I Walked with a Zombie / The Body Snatcher, and Isle of the Dead / Bedlam, however, the box set is the much better deal. Most films have audio commentary tracks by various film historians, and the box set has a hour-long documentary.

The Warriors - The Ultimate Director's Cut - Buy from Amazon: DVD or UMD Mini
A nearly perfect release for a cult classic movie from the late 70s. The previous release had some issues with the sound and video, but that's been cleaned up here. Also, there are a lot more special features on this set, with a four-part marking off feature that runs roughly an hour in length - that's pretty good for a film that's more than 25 years old. However, the film would have benefited from an audio commentary track and the theatrical cut should have been included on the DVD release. If these were included the DVD would have rated a must have, as it is, it is still worth picking up.

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