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The Clubhouse is Full

October 25th, 2005

Shopgirl topped the Per Theatre Charts this weekend, earning $230,000 on 8 theatres for an average of $28,711. The film I thought would lead the way, Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, came in second with $180,000 on 8 theatres for an average of $22,583. Both of those films should find mainstream success.

Next up was Capote, which has been in the $10,000 club for four weeks despite seeing continued expansion; this weekend it had its best performance, earning more than $600,000 in 52 theatres for a $11,818 per theatre average. Two more newcomers were also in the club: Ushpizin and After Innocence with averages of $10,737 and $10,194 respectively. Lastly, Good Night, and Good Luck remained in the $10,000 club despite expanding into 225 theatres; granted, it was close with $2.26 million for an average of $10,041, but this bodes very well for this week's 500 theatre expansion.

Conversely, while the $10,000 club had six members, only two films reach major milestones this weekend, and they were both mentioned above.

  • Capote hit $2 million over the weekend and could be at $3 million by this time next week.
  • Good Luck and Good Luck surpassed $2 million midweek, and topped both $3 million and $4 million over the weekend.


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