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Limited Releases: Five Extremes

October 28th, 2005

This week's collection of limited releases includes a couple of documentaries, a re-release from 1975, a look inside the minds of suicide bombers and the latest of horror film from Asian.

Ballet Russes - Reviews
One of the more weakly-reviewed limited releases this week. Even though an overwhelming number of its reviews are positive, the average review is not overwhelmingly positive. Still, a very good movie especially if you are interested in Ballet. Ballet Russes opens tonight in the Film Forum in New York City.

New York Doll - Reviews
A Rockumentary that focuses on Arthur Kane, former member of The New York Dolls, who is also a former alcoholic and a newly recruited Mormon. The live music is more interesting than the interviews, but even those who are not familiar with The New York Dolls should enjoy seeing the live performances. New York Doll opens in five theatres tonight including the Angelika Film Center in New York City and the Monica 4 in Santa Monica, California.

Paradise Now - Reviews
Two suicide bombers are recruited for an attack in Tel Aviv, but the plans go awry and they are separated. Doubts then begin to grow in the men about the nature of their attack and whether they can carry out their mission. The film deals with difficult subject matters and deals with them well, crafting an emotionally engaging film. Paradise Now opens in 4 theatres including the the Lincoln Plaza and Sunshine Cinema.

The Passenger - Reviews
The best reviewed release of the week, and it's a re-release from 1975. Jack Nicholson stars as David Locke, a reporter who travels to North Africa to report on guerrilla warriors, but a strange twist-of-fate allows him to try to reinvent his life by taking over the identity of a dead man. The Passenger opens in the Lincoln Plaza and Sunshine Cinema, both in New York City.

Three Extremes - Reviews
An Anthology of horror in three parts. The stories deal with a disgruntled movie extra, a woman trying to recapture her youth with the help of mysterious dumplings, and a novelist haunted by her dead, twin sister. Reviews are very strong, but the film is too intense for a mainstream audience and it's probably best to wait till it hits DVD, so you can watch one at an time. Three Extremes opened in 19 theatres tonight including the Quad Cinema in New York City.


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