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International Details: Chicken Littler

December 23rd, 2005

Chicken Little fell out of the top five with $6.81 million on 3697 screens in 32 markets for a $66.03 million running tally. The film had no major openings while holdovers varied from strong in France, (down just 29% to $3.03 million on 910 screens for the weekend and $7.75 million in total) to very poor in Italy, (down 59% to $658,000 on 367 for a $6.39 million total). The film has yet to open in several major markets including the U.K., Japan, and Germany and when it does it should have no trouble topping its domestic total since it is already more than halfway there.

  • The Italian film, Natale A Miami, was one seven local films that did so well in their native markets that they were able to chart this weekend. The film opened in first place in Italy with $3.64 million on 447 screens while it had to settle for ninth place in Switzerland with $48,000 on 6 screens.
  • Yamato opened in Japan with $2.88 million on 290 screens.
  • The Family Stone started its international run in ninth place with $2.57 million on 768 screens in 18 markets. Of those 18 markets, three where major including Germany, ($891,000 on 252 screens), U.K., ($439,000 on 155), and South Korea, ($201,000 on 80 screens over the weekend and $246,000 in total).
  • Just Like Heaven is shedding screens and markets falling to $2.42 million on 1362 screens in 27 markets over the weekend and $21.92 million in total. Its best market was Germany where the film fell from third to sixth with $493,000 on 273 screens for a three-week total of $3.21 million in the market.
  • Ti Amo In Tutte Le Lingue Del Mondo opened in second place in Italy with $2.41 million on 455 screens.
  • The Exorcism of Emily Rose was one of several films all bundled around the same box office level. This week it lost more than half its box office falling to $2.40 million on 1986 screens in 52 markets for a $56.10 million total. In France it was down 45% with $576,000 on 222 screens for a two-week total of $1.80 million.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Smith was down 44% in Japan, which is a very high drop-off for the market, earning just $1.86 million on 305 screens for the weekend and $16.90 million in total. However, it was even worse in Italy has the film collapsed by 72% to $505,000 on 268 screens for a $7.81 million total.
  • Kirikou Et Les Betes Sauvages was down just 7% in its native The France adding $1.86 million on 416 screens to its $4.46 million total. It was down just 9% in Belgium, ($50,000 on 28 screens for a total of $127,000) and 20% in Switzerland, ($20,000 on 8 screens for a $54,000 total). Add it up and the film make $1.93 million over the weekend for a $4.64 million total.
  • Palais Royale's added another $1.39 million on 532 screens in 3 markets for a total of $15.53 million internationally. $1.20 million of that came from 503 screens in France for a total of $13.66 million there.
  • Memoirs Of A Geisha opened in seventh place in Italy with $478,000 on 156 screens, which is a very disappointing start for a film that was made for Oscar glory as these films tend to do very well in Italy. However, it was its performance in Japan that was the real shock; the film was down 44% to just $862,000 on 336 screens for a total of $4.39 million in two weeks.
  • Arashi No Yoru Ni, (Stormy Nights), had the best week-to-week performance in the top ten in Japan, but it was still down 32% to $1.28 million on 297 screens for a $4.06 million total.
  • Flightplan is coasting on holdovers at the moment, which explains the massive 59% drop-off this weekend. Overall it added $1.27 million on 1155 screens in 42 markets for a $102.75 million international total, which is better than most were expecting.
  • The Turkish film, Babam Ve Oglum, remains unstoppable in its native market $1.21 million on 96 screens for a five-week total of $7.08 million. In comparison, King Kong only made $890,000 on 137 screens during its opening there this weekend.
  • In Her Shoes had the worst week-to-week performance on the international charts this weekend plummeting 61% to $981,000 on 983 screens in 17 markets for a total of $43.29 million after ten weeks of release.
  • The Italian film, The Tiger And The Snow, opened in France with $913,000 on 198 screens for seventh place. It also score seventh place during its debut in the French speaking section of Switzerland with $60,000 on 8 screens.
  • Joyeux Noel, (Merry Christmas) opened in limited release in the U.K. scoring a 17th place finish with $44,000 on 30 screens. It performed better in Australia with $80,000 on 22 screens, (including previews), but flopped in New Zealand with $6000 on 7 screens. Overall, the film made $971,000 on 732 screens in 9 markets lifting its total to $15.18 million, $12.02 million of that total has come from its home market of France, including $572,000 this weekend on 430 screens.
  • Saxer X/Mushiking opened in fifth place in Japan with $955,000 on 276 screens, but that is not a strong start for the market.
  • Ole, had the worst week-to-week performance in the top ten in France falling 48% to $918,000 on 550 screens over the weekend and $3.05 million in total.
  • It was another week of no new openings for Saw II and that left the film sinking down the charts with $833,000 on 588 screens in 8 markets for a $29.91 million total so far.
  • A History of Violence saw its fortunes grow this weekend to $812,000 on 518 screens in 26 markets for a $24.04 million total. Much of the growth was due to the film's eighth place, $370,000 opening on 130 screens in Italy, but that is still a result I would call disappointing.
  • Loufa Kai Parallegi started well in Greece but didn't have much staying power as it fell 44% to $739,000 on 61 screens for a total of $2.56 million so far.
  • The French film, Le Cactus, a.k.a., The Cactus, opened in eighth place in its home market with $735,000 on 490 screens. To call that result a disappointment would be an understatement.
  • The Constant Gardener is coasting on holdovers this week as it added $693,000 on 449 screens in 16 markets to its $23.50 million international total.
  • The German film, Es Ist Ein Elch Entsprungen, is showing amazing legs, but that shouldn't be surprise since it is a Christmas movie. This weekend it was down just 10% to $686,000 on 631 screens in 3 markets for a $6.14 million total.


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