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Virgin's Still Number One the Second Time Around

December 31st, 2005

The 40-Year Old Virgin remained it top spot on both the rental and the sales charts showing its domestic run was no fluke. The film have the best week-to-week drop-off in the top ten as it slipped just 16% to $8.60 million over the week and $18.97 million during its two week run.

The best of the 8 new releases this week was Four Brothers with $7.79 million in combined rentals. The oldest release in the top five was Mr. and Mrs. Smith which slipped to third with $6.28 million for the week and $40.76 million during its four week run. Spots four though six were in a virtual tie with The Exorcism of Emily Rose just a head of the pack with $6.14 million. The Brothers Grimm and Must Love Dogs both finished with $6.13 million.

Other new releases charting this week include Serenity in 12th place with $3.65 million, (it performed much better on the sales charts), Rebound took 16th place with $2.99 million while The Great Raid was two place back with $2.28 million. Lastly, Cry_Wolf earned $1.99 million during its first week of release, finishing in 20th place in the process.

The last few weeks have been really good to the overall rental market and this week was no difference with total rentals up 12.1% for the week to $175.7 million, which was 17.7% higher than the same weekend last year. Year-to-date, 2005 has brought in $7.6 billion cutting the gab from 2004 to 3.9%. Obviously, no one wants to see any revenue stream decrease like this, but in this case it was due consumers switching from renting to buying, especially TV on DVD titles.

As previously stated, The 40-Year Old Virgin remained in the top spot on the sales chart, but it was the only holdover to do so. Four Brothers opened in second place with Serenity close behind in third, (the discrepancy in the film's rental and sales ranking can be attributed to the Fanboy Effect). The Brothers Grimm was able to grab fourth place while The Exorcism of Emily Rose took fifth.

The only other new releases to chart this week were Rebound and Must Love Dogs, which finished in 13th and 14th place respectively.

Family Guy - Volume 3 retook the lead on the TV on DVD sales charts ahead of the only newcomer in the top ten, Battlestar Galactica - Season 2.0. Lost - The Complete First Season remained in third place while Seinfeld - Season 5 and Season 6 rounded out the top five.

Four of the top five releases on the TV on DVD rental charts were the same as last week again led by 24 - The Complete Fourth Season, which added $386,000 for the week. Lost - The Complete First Season stayed in second place during its 16th week of release with $243,000, almost double C.S.I. - The Complete Fifth Season's $124,000. Family Guy - Volume 3 had the worst week-to-week performance in the top ten losing 29% of last week's total and falling to $89,000 in the process. Lastly, Gilmore Girls - The Complete Fifth Season made its first appearance in the top five during its second week of release with $85,000.


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