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Mormons and Mountains

February 5th, 2004

Only two films topped $10,000 per theatre this week, but the race was top spot was close enough to make it an interesting weekend on the per theatre charts. Touching the Void remained in first place with $14,837, down just 24% percent from last weekend. In second place with $14,311 was Latter Days. It is particularly interesting to see Latter Days perform so well as Madstone Theaters pulled the from its theatres allegedly due to, 'aesthetic reasons.'

With the Golden Globe Awards and Oscar nominations, several Per Theatre Charts alumnus saw increased in their theatre count and / or per theatre average enabling them to reach milestones:

While The Company never hit $10,000 per theatre, it has stuck around admirably and crossed $1 million this weekend.
Oscar contender for Best Animated Feature, The Triplets of Belleview had its best week in more than a month to cross $2 million. A win for this French animated movie could see more European imports in the coming years.
After taking nearly 6 weeks to hit $2 million, Girl with a Pearl Earring almost doubled that since the Golden Globes crossing $4 million this weekend.
Monster had another monster weekend finishing just outside the top ten overall and crossing the $10 million mark. Given its low cost to produce and market, this movie should pay for itself before the Oscars are announced.
In America also crossed $10 million this weekend, although it did it in a less dramatic fashion.

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