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They Couldn't have Dreamt of a Better Opening

February 12th, 2004

It's obvious The Dreamers wasn't hampered by its NC-17 rating. Not only is its per theatre average of $28,526 the best of the week, it was the best this year beating Big Fish by more than $8,000.

Two other limited releases topped $10,000 over the weekend. Osama, the first film made in Post-Taliban Afghanistan, earned a second place finish with $12,992 average in four theatres. While the 50's B-movie spoof, The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, opening in just a single theatre making $10,425, which may be more than it cost to make. (O.k., its budget wasn't quite that low.)

This past week also saw some milestones reached for several Per Theatre Charts alumnus:

Both The Barbarian Invasions and Fog of War broke $1 million sometime during the mid-week.
Girl with a Pearl Earring continues its strong performance of late passing $5 million.
City of God, which has been in limited release for more than a year, also crossed $5 million this weekend.
Monster had its best weekend finishing in 9th place overall and crossing $15 million.

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