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Oscar Prediction: Best Animated Feature

February 23rd, 2004

As Oscar night draws near, we analyze the current voting in our Predict the Oscars competition, and, like CNN on election night, start calling results that we think are looking like racing certainties. We'll be announcing a new projected winner each day leading up to the competition, and giving our final projected results on the afternoon of February 29 - just before the show itself. Today we start with an easy one... Best Animated Feature

Animated Feature
Brother Bear  (1%)
Finding Nemo  (97%)
Triplets of Belleville, The  (2%)

Finding Nemo is actually the biggest favorite in all the years we've been running our Oscar poll. A stunning 97% of contestants are predicting it'll take the big prize on Sunday.

The Triplets of Belleville is a very, very distant second place right now, and Brother Bear is barely registering with voters. Enter the contest to see realtime votes in all categories.

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