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Oscar Prediction: Foreign Language Film

February 29th, 2004

The Numbers Predict the Academy Awards Competition closes in just a couple of hours, at noon Pacific Time, but it's not too late to submit your predictions for the Oscar winners and win some great prizes.

All week we've been using votes in the competition to predict Oscar winners. This afternoon we'll call the results in all the remaining categories, but this morning we have one more result to call... Best Foreign Language Film.

Foreign Language Film
Barbarian Invasions, The  (73%)
Ondskan (Evil) (4%)
Tasogare Seibei (The Twilight Samurai) (9%)
De Tweeling (Twin Sisters) (11%)
Zelary (3%)

Best Foreign Language Film is one of the hardest Oscar categories to predict since several of the films have usually received only very limited distribution in the US, if they've been released at all. That's the case again this year, with only Barbarian Invasions having appeared in general release.

Numbers readers are betting that the general publicity will translate into votes, and that Barbarian Invasions will walk away with the prize. That's probably the safest bet, but anyone who remembers No Man's Land triumphing over Amelie in 2002 will know this one isn't a sure thing.

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