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Getting an Early Jump on Vacation Traffic

April 7th, 2004

Johnson Family Vacation is getting a jump on the other four movies opening Easter Weekend. However, given its small theatre count, lack of a promotional budget and dismal reviews, that might not be a good idea.

On the plus side, for the next two day the only new movie most people will talk about will be Johnson Family Vacation. But with reviews that are just 10% positive I doubt the word of mouth will help its chances. Also hurting its chances is its theatre count; it is expected to open in 1275 theatres and that is an awkward number open in. Not enough to justify a nationwide advertising campaign, too many for a targeted campaign.

I don't expect the film to pull in much more than $6 million over the weekend, and the lack of a strong ad campaign will really hurt its Wednesday numbers. Because it couldn't get the word out as much the film should only earn $1million tonight, but make more on Thursday.

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