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I Missed a Movie

April 9th, 2004

In my previous weekend prediction story I accidentally left one of the new releases. That movie is, of course, The Alamo. This movie was supposed to be a blockbuster / Oscar contender during last winter, but early previews were disastrous so it was pushed back till this weekend for retooling. Judging by the reviews it didn't really help. Add in the fact that it couldn't even make Moviefone's Top Five. It all adds up to bomb, at just $10 million for its opening. That's just not strong enough for a $92 million movie.

So to recap the weekend predictions:

  1. The Girl Next Door - $16 million
  2. The Passion of the Christ - $14 million
  3. Hellboy - $13 million
  4. The Alamo - $10 million
  5. Ella Enchanted - $9 million
And out of the top five:
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