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Kill Bill Collapses

May 4th, 2004

After a huge start in the international market, there was a series a steep drops for Kill Bill: Volume 2 that all but guarantees it won't earn as much as the original. Drops like 51% in Germany, 46% in Italy helped push the weekend total down to just $10 million in 27 markets.

50 First Dates climbed into second place with $7.1 million in 29 markets. So far the Adam Sandler comedy has pulled in $46.1 million

Without any big openings this week, Starsky and Hutch dropped down to third with just $6.3 million, well below last week's figure.

Secret Window isn't having a strong run internationally, but it did manage fourth on this week's chart. Its weekend total of $5.8 million was thanks mostly to mediocre results in Germany and the U.K.

Rounding out the top five was The Haunted Mansion thanks almost entirely to its second weekend in Japan. The film rose 8% thanks to Golden Week vacation taking in $4.2 million there and $4.6 million internationally. At $86.4 million it won't be long before it hits $100 million.

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Source: Variety

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