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Super Sized Limited Releases

May 7th, 2004

This week we have 10 limited releases hitting theatres, and all but one are opening in more than one theatre. So this might be the best chance to see a limited release on opening night for a lot of people.

A Foreign Affair - Reviews
Two brothers look for a wife after their mother dies. The movie Dirt, which has a very similar plot, is a superior film.

Godzilla: The Original Japanese Version - Reviews
When this film was originally released in Japan 50 years ago, it was heralded at an significant film with a important message. The North American version was a guy in a rubber suit destroying a miniature Tokyo. Ok, maybe it wasn't that bad, but even if you've seen the North American version a dozen times seeing the original is like seeing a whole new movie.

The Mudge Boy - Reviews
A difficult film about a 14-year old boy who is emotionally devastated by the death of his mother. Some of the boy's reactions seem a little Norman Bates to me, so it's hard for him to be a completely sympathetic character.

Off the Lip - Reviews
A young journalist searches for an elusive surfing legend for her first big story. Indie producer Robert Mickelson takes a stab at directing with mixed results, however, pretty strong praise is going to the star, Marguerite Moreau.

Reeseville - Reveiws
This murder mystery set in rural Wisconsin is too slow and too predictable to be an effective crime thriller. It is opening in a few theatres is, unsurprisingly, Wisconsin, where the locale should help boost ticket sales.

Seeing Other People - Reviews
A woman, who is just months away from her wedding, decides she and her fiancée should sleep with other people until they get married. Yeah, nothing could go wrong there. Interestedly, this is one of two movies staring Andy Ritcher that open this weekend.

Still We Believe: The Boston Redsox Story - Reviews
A documentary about the Boston Red Sox World Series Slump, which isn't even the longest streak in Major League Baseball. This film looks at the 2003 season from training camp till they were eliminated by the hated New York Yankees. If this movie does well maybe there will be a sequel next year and every year till the Red Sox finally win.

Super Size Me - Reviews
Purportedly a documentary on why Americans are overweight, but it's really some sick voyeuristic look at a man who decides to eat at McDonalds for an entire month. The former is a very important issue and the film deals with it in an entertaining an informative way, but it is the latter that will get people into the theatres.

Valentin - Reviews
If you were to pick a single word to describe this film, it would probably be, 'sweet.' Perhaps a little too sweet and without enough depth to make for a satisfying movie experience.

Wasabi Tuna - Reviews
When Sugar Pie, Anna Nicole Smith's dog, gets kidnapped a group of Anna Nicole Smith look-a-like drag queens band together to try and get it back. And it has Anna Nicole Smith in it, as herself. This is either destined for cult status or will be regarded as one of the worst movies of all-time, or possible both.

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