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Oh No, They say He's got to go, Go go Godzilla!

May 12th, 2004

Four movies crossed the $10,000 per theatre mark, lead by Godzilla: The Original Japanese Version with $19,015 average in two theatres. The debuts of Van Helsing with $14,475 per theatre and Super Size Me with $12,601 also placed high on the list. And in its ninth weekend of release Games People Play: New York managed an unbelievable $14,388 in its lone theatre.

This past week also saw some milestones reached for several Per Theatre Charts alumnus:

Bon Voyage has been in release for 8 weeks and its weekend total is still growing. This weekend it surpassed $1 million.
Conversely, Goodbye, Lenin! peaked more than a month ago but the film crossed $3 million this weekend and should have another milestone or two in its future.

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