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Troy Triumphant

May 25th, 2004

Opening in an additional 11 markets helped Troy's international box office grow substantially during its second weekend of international release. Its sophomore session saw it take in $71.0 million on 10,272 screens in 58 markets, that's almost 30% more from its debut. The film was huge in several major markets including $10.9 million in the U.K., $6.1 million in Japan, $6.3 million in Italy, $4.6 million in South Korea, and $3.4 million in Russia. Its international box office is now just shy of $150 million and should become the number one film of 2004 on that chart within a few weeks. Worldwide the film has earned more than $200 million and should double that before its run is over.

Van Helsing's international run again mirrored its domestic run, dropping by a large margin, but not as much as it did last weekend. This weekend it took in another $15.6 million pushing its worldwide total past $200 million. With its Japanese and South Korean debuts yet to come, Van Helsing should be able to reach $300 million worldwide.

Quentin Tarantino's role of Head Judge at this year's Cannes Film festival seems to have helped Kill Bill: Volume 2 at the French box office. After earning $4.7 million this weekend, the film now has made $64.3 million internationally, more than it did domestically. And the worldwide total for the Kill Bill Franchise did cross $300 million.

Two local films earned enough in their home countries alone to make it in the top five this week, lead by the Japanese film, Crying Out for Love in the Center of the World, which took in $4.7 million. And the German spoof film Der Wixxer came in fifth with a $3.4 million debut.

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