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Major Expansions Highlight Limited Release Schedule

June 11th, 2004

There are only two limited releases on our list this week. However, there are also two limited releases undergoing major expansions this week as well. And since this was a slow week, why not have them on the list one more time.

Control Room - Reviews
This film has topped the per theatre average charts for the past three weekends. This weekend it expands into 40 more theatres. If it can hold onto just a fraction of its per theatre average it should join the likes of Super Size Me as one of the growing number of documentaries that are earning mainstream success.

Deserted Station - Reviews
Iranian cinema has been growing in both scope and importance in recent years. It is Leila Hatami's performance in this film that has been the focus of much praise. But there is more to this film than the simple story as it is a metaphor for the treatment of woman in the Middle East.

Napoleon Dynamite - Reviews
This is a movie about teen angst, which is topic dealt with in many, many other movies. The characters are fascinating but the story may not be strong enough for everyone. The real strength of the film is the ease in which the actors portray these characters.

Saved! - Reviews
This is the other limited release film expanding this week. Saved! is expanding from 31 theatres to nearly 600 and has a real shot at making it into the top ten and earning some much deserved mainstream success. The seemingly controversial nature of the film might help bring in a few more people, but the film is not an attack on Christianity, but an attack on intolerance that fundamentalism breeds.

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