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Another Week, Another Wednesday Opening

July 7th, 2004

Tonight King Author opens in just a tad over 3000 theatres. And while there are some similarities to last years surprise hit, Pirates of the Caribbean, its future looks much less secure.

Similarities like both are period costume epics with a focus on British History. Also, both are being released by Disney, both were produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, both star Keira Knightley and both have scores composed by Hans Zimmer.

There are some distinct differences, foremost being the critical reception. Bad reviews for King Author are outnumbering good reviews more than two to one at this point. Compared that to the overwhelmingly positive reviews for Pirates of the Caribbean. Also, Disney was on a hot streak last year and the same definitely can not be said for this year.

Taking it all into account, the film is likely to earn $7 million tonight, $4 million on Thursday and $24 million over the weekend. Not a strong enough start given its production budget, but this movie should perform better internationally.

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