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Kyle MacLachlan - More informations about Touch Of Pink

July 8th, 2004

Dear members of this Newsgroup, I'm Lou, the French webmistress of - Total Website This website is the most complete about Kyle MacLachlan and his last movie 'Touch Of Pink' It contains a full detailled biography, an exhaustive filmography, with screen shots, sounds, trailers, and various stuff. You'll also find everything about Kyle Maclachlan, such as his plays, his appearances in medias,interviews , pictures, and you'll be able to surf with music. Finally, you'll read all the latest news about him. I update it twice a week. Feel free to e-mail comments or just to drop me a word if you like or dislike my website. Thanks a lot and sorry for my bad bad english, Lou The Total Website

Source: Lou from Kyle MacLachlan.Net