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Documentary Duet

July 9th, 2004

We have a duet of documentaries as the only two movies on the limited release list this week.

Metallica: Some Kind of Monster - Reviews
If you spend any time in movie forums you probably already know about film from a certain RockMega23, who has posted nearly identical messages in hundreds of forums. He had posted not one but two such posts on our own forums. But I'm sure he's just a dedicated fan and not some studio shill. The film opens in just two theatres in New York and one more in San Francisco tonight before expanding in the coming weeks.

Riding Giants - Reviews
A documentary that shows surfing from its origins 1500 years ago in Polynesia to the South Californian surfer culture focusing on those who helped turn surfing from a simple recreational activity through its evolution to the extreme sport of today. Beautiful photography and adrenaline-pumping action make for a very compelling movie. Riding Giants opens in more than two dozen theatres in New York, L.A. and Hawaii.

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