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Unlimited Releases

August 20th, 2004

This week we have a lot of films opening in limited release, perhaps too many. As it is with wide releases, an overloaded marketplace makes it more difficult for any film to survive. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of films so there should be a film for everyone while limiting the ticket splitting.

Bright Young Things - Reviews
An amazing collection of British talent, including Stephen Fry making his directing debut, combines their abilities into a rather imperfect film. That is not to say that it is a bad film, it's just not up to the level one would hope for given its pedigree. The film opens in three theatres in New York.

Bush's Brain - Review
So many jokes, so little time. This documentary is actually about Karl Rove and his influence on the Bush campaign.

Going the Distance - Reviews
A Canadian Road Trip Movie / Teen Sex Farce. The film opens tonight in Canada, but will most likely be a direct-to-video release in the States. The film with the least critically acclaim is also probably the film that would have the most popular appeal.

It's Easier for a Camel - Reviews
The fantasies of an very rich woman overshadow her real life. Reviews are mixed, with the lack of a sympathetic lead being a problem.

Life and Times of Allen Ginsberg - Reviews
A documentary dealing with the life of famous beat poet, Allen Ginsberg. Opens in just one theatre in New York.

Mean Creek - Reviews
In a few years people will look back at this film and be amazed at how many great actors had early roles in this one film. The film deals with bullying and the aftermath of a plan for revenge. The film opens in two theatres in both New York and Los Angeles as well as one in Costa Mesa.

Nicotina - Reviews
A crime capper set in Mexico City that is earning just mixed reviews. Easily the widest release, which could paradoxically hurt its chances. At nearly 100 theatres, it is opening in to many places for targeted advertising, but too few for national or ever region ad campaigns. This tends to keep the per theatre average low, which scares of theatre owners from booking the movie in the following weeks.

Ramones: End of the Century - Reviews
This documentary about the Ramones is earning the best reviews of the week. A must for fans of the band or of Punk in general. Opens in one theatre in New York.

Red Lights - Reviews
A wife who spends too much time working and a husband who spends too much time drinking are the focus of this film.

Rosenstrasse - Reviews
Opening in 10 theatres in New York and L.A., this film tells the story of a woman who travels to Germany to find out more about how her mother survived the Nazis with the help of an Aryan woman. Reviews are just mixed.

Uncovered: The Whole Truth About the Iraq War - Reviews
If there's one thing the upcoming Federal Election has given us, it's a golden age of political documentaries. This film deals with deconstructing the reasons and evidence given before the war in Iraq. It is a simple talking head documentary that is very short but convincing.

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