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Ramones has Bright Beginning

August 25th, 2004

Just two films topped $10,000 per theatre this weekend, led by Ramones: End of the Century, which earned $18,422 in its lone theatre. Next was Bright Young Things with an average of $15,642 in just three theatres.

This past week also saw some milestones reached for several Per Theatre Charts alumnus:

  • What the #$'! Do We Know has been around for a long time now. And although it never once hit $10,000 per theatre, it has managed to earn its best weekend haul so far and topped $2 million as well.
  • The Door in the Floor made it to the $3 million milestone over the weekend, but it's starting to lose theatres now making the next milestone it hits the last.
  • Maria Full of Grace's weekend numbers may have peaked, but it still managed to hit $3 million during the past weekend and should hit a couple more milestones at least.
  • Every weekend since it's opened, Garden State has more than doubled its weekend haul. This weekend it took in more than $3 million to push its total to $6 million. It also hit the Top 10 on the daily chart a few of times peaking at #9. On a side note, Zach Braff's sitcom, Scrubs, begins its fourth season next Tuesday.
  • De-Lovely made it to $10 million during the mid-week. That puts it ahead of such wide releases as The Big Bounce and The Perfect Score.
  • But that's nothing compared to Napoleon Dynamite, which again had its best weekend so far in its release at $1.8 million. And its $19 million total is ahead of Laws of Attraction, Two Brothers and many more.

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