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Red Lights Earn Some Green

September 9th, 2004

There were one or two films that managed to cross the $10,000 per theatre milestone, depending on if you counted Labor Day's box office. Taking into account the whole long weekend, Red Lights took top spot with an average of $17,802 in four theatres. While Tae Guik Gi: The Brotherhood of War missed $10,000 over the 3-day weekend, it managed $12,532 per theatre once Monday was taken into account.

This past week also saw some milestones reached for several Per Theatre Charts alumnus:

  • The Best Two Years has shown some impressive resilience and topped $1 million sometime during the mid-week.
  • While its per theatre average is dropping incredibly fast, We Don't Live Here Anymore still managed to cross $1 million over the weekend. But it has most likely reached its peak and should find reaching more milestones more difficult.
  • Maria Full of Grace hit $4 million early last mid-week and should hit $5 million soon.
  • Before Sunset crossed $5 million over the weekend and is now just a couple hundred thousand from topping the original.
  • Garden State may have peaked at the weekend box office, but it is still taking in an incredible sum at the box office, and earning every dollar. This past weekend it hit $15 million and is now just shy of The Whole Ten Yards.
  • The unstoppable Napoleon Dynamite has again had its best weekend earning $2.8 million. That was more than enough to raise the film's total box office past $25 million and ahead of Jersey Girl.

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