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Sharks 4 - Dwarves 7

November 3rd, 2004

Note: Some of these figures are estimates as exact figures are not available due to holidays in Europe.

Holidays throughout Europe, and a $1.5 million, first place finish in Russia helped Shark Tale remain in top spot for the fourth straight week, although it was a much closer contest this week. Highlights include $4.3 million in the U.K., off just 24% compared to its sophomore weekend, $4.0 million in France, which was up 47% from last weekend for a $15.5 million in 4,300 theatres in 27 markets weekend. Its international running total topped $100 million, the 13th film to do so this year, and now sits at $109.6 million.

Seven Dwarfs, a German family film, opened in Germany, Austria and the German speaking region of Switzerland this past weekend to incredible results. In Germany the filmed earned top spot with an amazing $11.3 million, more than half the market share. In Austria and Switzerland the film also opened first with $1.3 million and $464 thousand, respectively. Its $13.1 million overall was just a shade away from taking top spot, but the real test comes if and when it opens in non-German speaking regions.

It was another local film making an impression on the international charts as A Very Long Engagement took top spot in France with $9.7 million. With $315,000 in Belgium and $235,000 in the French-speaking region of Switzerland, the film earned $10.25 million this week, and its openings were well ahead of Amelie, which bodes well for the film's domestic opening in November.

Japan was Collateral's last major opening but the film could only mange a lukewarm $3.8 million, including previews. Even with strong legs in that market, it puts hitting the $100 million mark in question as it now sits at $86.5 million. To put that into perspective, Tom Cruise's previous film, The Last Samurai earned $119 million in Japan alone. For the week the film brought in, $9.2 million on 2500 screens in 25 markets.

Rounding out the top five is Alien vs. Predator with $6.9 million. Nearly half that came from its $3.3 million debut in France, but the film plunged nearly 60% in the U.K.

Other highlights on the international scene include:

  • Exorcist: The Beginning's results last weekend were mixed. The film was first in Spain with $2.2 million, Mexico with $1.1 million and Brazil with $556,000. However, in the U.K., its biggest market so far, the film bombed with a $1.1 million, sixth place finish and an even worse $400,000 seventh place finish in Australia. Its weekend box office was $4.9 million, which nearly doubled its anemic total of just $9.4 million after debuting in 20 markets.
  • Shall We Dance? had strong openings in both Italy ($2.6 million), and New Zealand ($317,000) and showed incredible legs in Australia, ($1.2 million, down just 18%.) For the weekend the film earned $4.5 million bringing its total to $7.5 million.
  • The Village opened in Italy with $3.2 million on 302 screens. That was more than 90% its $3.5 million weekend take and was enough to push its international tally to $136.1 million.
  • Without any debuts this week, White Chicks dropped out of the top five taking in just $3.1 million, which raised its total to $28.2 million in 22 markets.
  • The Bourne Supremacy also had no debuts this week and consequentially, it too fell out of the top five. Overall, the film brought in $2.8 million over the weekend on 1000 screens in 20 markets to push its international tally to $90 million.
  • Long legs in Germany helped The Terminal take in $2.3 million internationally.
  • Like most films aimed at the pre-teen girl markets, Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement is struggling overseas. This week the film took in another $2.1 million to lift its running total to $19.4 million in 19 markets. This weekend it was aided by a better than expected debut in South Korea, ($405,000 on 84 screens) and a better than expected drop off in the U.K., (down just 16% to $1.4 million.)
  • The Forgotten's drop-offs in Spain and Mexico were partially offset by openings in Finland and the Czech Republic. The film earned $2.0 million internationally this week for a running total of $7 million so far.
  • I, Robot dropped 34% in Italy landing at $1.4 million for the market and $1.9 million overall. Even with no new markets to open in, the film should cross $200 million as it sits just $4 million back.
  • Alfie dropped 30% in the U.K. to land at $1.6 million, but that was enough to lift it one place in the standings. So far the film has earned $6.0 million in its first international market.
  • Finding Neverland found $1.5 million in the U.K., good enough for a third place finish. This should be the film's most successful market as J.M.Barrie was born in Scotland, but I can't help but think the studio was expecting more.
  • Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid's opening in Russia was mediocre, but within expectations at less than $500,000. Over the weekend the film could only muster $1.0 million to push its box office to $22.8 million.
  • Woody Allen's latest movie, Melinda and Melinda had its worldwide debut in Spain earning $965 thousand on just 155 screens. That's easily his best opening in the market for quite a few years.
  • The Manchurian Candidate earned a $800,000, third place finish in Australia. It is too early in the film's international run to predict how well it will do.
  • With a result that will surprise no one, Resident Evil: Apocalypse plummeted more than 50% in Australia to land at just $400,000. So far the film has managed $54.2 million internationally.
  • The Grudge had a poor showing in several South East Asian markets this weekend taking in an estimated $400,000. This is not surprising since these markets would have been more receptive to the Japanese original.
  • After a slow start in Greece last weekend, Shrek 2 saw its box office there drop to just $225 thousand raising its international total to $442.1 million.
  • Saved! opened with a somewhat limited release in Australia taking in $100,000 in 43 theatres, good enough for a ninth place finish.

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