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Duo Debuts, Holdovers Expand

November 19th, 2004

There are only two new films on this week's list of limited releases; however, plenty of older limited releases are expanding their theatre counts.

Bad Education - Reviews
The latest from Pedro Almodovar. This isn't his best reviewed film, but that's hardly a complaint given his amazing track record. The film is likely to spark outrage in some movie goers as it tells the story of a filmmaker who meets a long lost friend. That friend tries to get him to make a movie about a transvestite who tries to kill the Catholic school principal that molested him while he was a student. One thing is clear, Pedro Almodovar is not scared of controversy.

You I Love - Reviews
A successful Muscovite couple starts a love triangle with a Mongolian day-worker after a car accident. Social commentary and sexual politics helped this Russian comedy win plenty of awards during its festival run and now the film opens tonight in just one theatre, New York’s Quad Cinema.

As for the films expanding this week:

  • Being Julia more than doubles its theatre count going from 106 to 228.
  • Finding Neverland jumps from just 8 theatres to 57.
  • Kinsey is playing in 36 theatres, up from 5 last weekend.
  • For the fifth weekend in a row Sideways has a major expansion moving from 144 to 279 theatres.

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