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Golden Weekend for Limited Releases

December 17th, 2004

The limited releases this weekend have combined for more than a dozen Golden Globe nominations and could come close to matching that when Oscars nominations are announced late in January.

The Aviator - Reviews
The first of three biopics on this week's list. This one stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Howard Hughes, the eccentric millionaire, movie mogul and aviator. One of two films on this week's list that earned 5 Golden Globe nominations, this one should make the most noise at the box office. The film opens tonight in 40 theatres in New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco before expanding wide on Christmas Day.

Beyond the Sea - Reviews
The Bobby Darin biopics starring Kevin Spacey, who received a Golden Globe nomination for his performance. The good news, Kevin Spacey does all his own singing as is excellent. The bad news, the music is practically the only good aspect of the film. However, if you’re a fan of that music in general or of Bobby Darin specifically, then it might just be enough. The film opens tonight in six theatres in New York City and Los Angeles before expanding wider next weekend.

Imaginary Heroes - Reviews
The film starts is one-week, Oscar qualifying run in New York City and Los Angeles tonight before its regular release in February. There will be a more detailed look at the film then.

Million Dollar Baby - Reviews
Some are calling this film the best boxing movie since Raging Bull, or even Rocky. Nominated for 5 Golden Globe and primed for Oscar glory, there's little else that needs to be said about this film except that it already opened on Wednesday and earned $36,000 in 8 theatres in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Toronto.

Open My Heart - Reviews
A movie about a prostitute and her obsessive / protective relationship with her younger teen-aged sister. Not a movie for the faint of heart, and even those willing to take a risk on the subject matter won't be well rewarded. The film opens tonight at the Quad Cinema in New York City.

The Sea Inside - Reviews
Up for 2 Golden Globe this year, this Spanish film tells the real life story of Ramon Sampedro and his 30 year battle for the right to die with dignity. Javier Bardem plays the quadriplegic writer and his entire performance his done with his eyes and facial expressions, and what a performance it is. In the hands of a lessor actor the result would have been dull and dreary. The film opens in nearly two dozen theatres in major markets throughout the country.

One last note, Buoyed by the Golden Globe nominations, several limited releases are expanding this week. (Ironically, Sideways is not one of them.) The list includes Closer, Finding Neverland, Kinsey and A Very Long Engagement.

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