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British comedies hit US

January 5th, 2003

A double doss of British comedy will be hitting the American movie screens in early 2003, and both with very different perspectives. First up is the surprise international hit, Bend it Like Beckham, which will open on March 12 in select cities after a showing at this month’s Sundance Film Festival. The female soccer comedy was a phenomenon in its hometown of Britain last spring. And for all you non-soccer fans, the title refers to the famous British soccer, or football, player, David Beckham, who is married to former Spice Girl, Victoria Adams.

Then there’s the wacky The Guru. Starring Heather Graham, the movie centers on a poor Indian whose search for fame and fortune here in the States leads to his becoming a fake sex guru. Even though The Guru was KO’d by the British critics, it was a modest hit at the box-office and will open here on January 31. (Dates are subject to change. Check local listings.)

Matthew Dalton

Source: Internet Movie Database

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