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Charlie Sheen……The Next Lex Luthor???!??!!

January 6th, 2003

With fantastically rich storylines, beautifully sculpted hero’s and heroines, skin tight costumes, choice selections of signa



With plot rich storylines, pre-scripted action scenes, skin-tight costumes, and an already established cult following, it’s no wonder that Hollywood is producing and releasing comic book based movies in record number, 2003 being no exception. This year alone, we will see the release of “DareDevil” and “X-men 2” from 20th Century Fox as well as the long awaited movie “The Hulk” from Universal Studios. Announcements of 2004 releases like “Hell Boy” and “Spiderman 2” are already hitting the internet with casting possibilities not far behind. The most interesting casting rumor and the most substantially credible comes right from the mouth of Director Brett Rattner in a cozy December 2002 Anaheim College Radio interview. During the dialogue, Rattner who is already attached to the upcoming “Superman” flick admits that he has been in discussions with former “Money Talks” veteran Charlie Sheen for the role of Lex Luthor. Rattner described Sheen as "fantastic” and indicated that he is interested in working with him now that he's sobered up and no longer part of the TV series “Spin City” finally adding “he can play a great nasty”. Hmmm…..I wonder if any one told Charlie he would have to shave his head for this part……………



George W. Horta III


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