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Horror flicks seek theater debut

January 7th, 2003

Two low-budget horror flicks are currently seeking possible theatrical runs for the new year and both with less-than-thrilling backgrounds.

House of 1,000 Corpses, the Rob Zombie-helmed blood feast, was originally to be release on June 8 of 2001 until financial backer Universal dropped the movie like a hot potato due to the film's extreme violent nature. It didn't help matters that the MPAA slapped House with an NC-17 rating and Zombie refused cuts. It was thought of at one point the film might go direct-to-video.

House of 1,000 Corpses is now in distribution limbo and hoping for a possible March opening.

Darkness stars Lena Olin and Anna Paquin and was supposed to hit theaters last August. It was thought the $10 million prodution would open on February 7 but was quickly side-tracked as to not bump into the similar titled Darkness Falls. The film, about a haunted house and distributed by Dimension Films, is now likely to hit video shelves sooner then multiplexes.

Matthew Dalton

Source: Upcoming Movies

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