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“Iron Man” movie Not Canned Yet? Speculative Insight

January 9th, 2003

Two speculative glimmers of light, all be it small ones, shine on for the fans awaiting an Iron Man movie. In what may simply be a packaged gamble for a gaming publisher, Activision has just signed on for exclusive rights to the Marvel Superhero grab bag of characters portrayed or soon to be portrayed on the silver screen. Current Activision Games based on Marvel film versions include X-men and Spiderman.

Under it’s new deal with Marvel, Activision extends its current contract until 2009 and has first shot on acquiring the rights to make games based on any movie or television versions of four titles in particular: "X-Men," “Spiderman”, “Fantastic Four” and, yes you guessed it “Iron Man”.

Not a small gamble when considering the monies involved in a licensing agreement. Also bear in mind that there are at least two other Marvel titles already with movie release dates, “Dare Devil” and “The Hulk”, which could have been secured for a game title under this agreement, yet were not. “Iron Man” is the only title in the list of four specified possible games, that isn’t in some form of post or pre-production phase. Someone at Marvel must have really sold Activision on the possibility of IronMan hitting the big screen sometime before 2009!

In a not so unrelated event, the recent cancellation of the short lived TV show “Fire Fly”, created by Joss Wheadon, better known for “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel” has seemingly opened up some time in Wheadon's busy schedule. Now that the possibility of another station picking up the “Fire Fly” series is all but jettisoned, it can be speculated that he may return to the job of scripting an Iron Man movie. Wheadon was initially tapped by New Line Cinema to script the shell heads adaptation for the big screen, but pulled out in November 2002 in order to devote his time to what was then, his newest creation “Fire Fly”.

A whole lot of facts, but even more “Idle Speculation”, from an “Iron Man” fan grasping at glimmers of light. Well, after all, this is “The Numbers”, Box Office Data….Movie Stars…and as this article so delicately displays…….Idle Speculation.

George W. Horta III

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