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Schizophrenics Wife Weds Chaucer

January 13th, 2003

Academy Award winning actress Jennifer Connelly who appeared most recently as the wife of schizophrenic math guru John Forbes Nash in “A Beautiful Mind”, has married Paul Bettany. Connellys’ resume of films include "The Rocketeer," "Dark City," "Waking the Dead," "Pollock" and will soon grace the screen in the upcoming comic-book based flick  "The Hulk”. Bettany who co-starred with Connelly in “A Beautiful Mind” as the imaginary friend of John Nash is more notably remembered as the drinking, gambling 14th century Geoffrey Chaucer in “A Knights Tale” starring Heath Ledger.  The wedding was a low profile holiday ceremony in Scotland and everyone is keeping tight lipped about the details.

George W. Horta III

Source: CNN.COM