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New movie updates

January 14th, 2003

Some quick updates on hot, and not so hot, upcomers: First up is news on the Halle Berry thriller, Gothika, costarring Penelope Cruz and being financed by Dark Castle, the studio behind last fall's Ghost Ship. The plot has Berry as a psychiatrist who wakes up inside her mental institution as a patient accused of murder. Gothika will likely have a budget upward of $35 million and hopes to start production in March. The film plans on opening on October 24.

The horror film Cabin Fever picked Lion's Gate as its distributor with a $12 mil marketing campaign. The Eli Roth-directed flick, about a group of people trapped in the woods with a flesh-eating virus, has been getting some minor acclaim from various websites and was in a bidding war between Lion's Gate, Miramax, and New Line Cinema. Cabin Fever recently got an R rating from the MPAA and is expected to hit theaters sometime in August.

Last up is some photos displayed at Dark Horizons. Among the films are Legally Blonde 2, Bulletproof Monk, Kurt Russell in Dark Blue, and something called Out of Time, with Denzel Washington.

Matthew Dalton

Source: Dark Horizons