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Superbowl Sunday Scores Sizzling Sneak Peeks

January 15th, 2003

Its that time of year again with just about everyone in America gearing up for the Superbowl! And who cares that your favorite team isn’t the one vying for the championship because your still going to watch what represents the only day of the year that creative and enthralling TV commercials make for sparse bathroom breaks. Movie buffs definitely understand that and film distributors bank on the fact investing in upwards of 2 million dollars per 30-second spot. Last year at this time we spied some prime trailers that included “Spiderman”, “Blade 2”, “xXx”, “Austin Powers Goldmember”, and “The Scorpion King” just to name a few.

This year, ladies and gentlemen, we can expect no less. Though the entire list of advertisers for the sixty plus available commercial breaks isn’t released yet, the early word is that Warner Brothers secured a single teaser niche for “Reloaded”, (part two in the block busting “Matrix” franchise). And that’s not all, because if previous years are any indicator, we can rely on the fact that almost 25% of all premium advertisement slots during the Superbowl will have been purchased by film distributors hoping to rope in potential movie go-ers with there brilliantly cut together sneak peeks. So if your interested in the game and the previews this season, do yourself a favor and get a digital playback recorder. Otherwise January 26th, 2003 will be a day your bladders remember infamously!

George W. Horta III

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