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"Enough" and "Swept Away" included in worst of 2002

January 15th, 2003

For every good movie there seems to be a dozen bad ones, and 2002 was no exception on low-grade, non-fat cheese. Dark Horizons has released its list of the top ten worst films of the year, and if you are any kind of self-respecting fan of serious film, you'll have a chuckle and avoid these titles like the plague!

Among the list are National Lampoon's Van Wilder, The Adventures of Pluto Nash, Rollerball, Abandon, Enough, and the reviled Madonna/ Guy Ritchie mess, Swept Away. All these movies, and the rest on the list, bombed at the box-office. Swept Away failed to break the $1 million mark in domestic sales and has been pulled from theatrical release in the UK indefinitely.

For fun, I'd also like to throw into the list The Sum of All Fears, They, Crossroads, Maid in Manhattan, and two equally revolting Denzel Washington melodramas, John Q and Antwone Fisher.

Matthew Dalton

Source: Dark Horizons' Worst of the Year