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Frontiers mag picks favorite movies of the year

January 15th, 2003

For the gay crowd, California-based news magazine Frontiers has released its annual Best Films of the Year, compiled by the publication's top film critics, Lawrence Ferber and Lydia Marcus. The list throws a number of very different titles around, ranging from the anti-gay religious fanatic, Hell House, to the alien mayhem of Signs, up to the towering glitter of Chicago, and down to the creepiness crawling within One Hour Photo. With so little gay- oriented movies having been released in 2002, the list wasn't as gay-friendly as 2001, when Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Mulholland Drive, and The Deep End received the highest praises.

You can read about this and many more film reviews at the Frontiers website. Currently, there's a favorable review on Nicholas Nicklby, by Ferber, and About Schmidt. Ferber also supplies film critiques and related stories for The Advocate ( and NY Blade ( and has directed a number of short films, including Birthday Time, which can be purchased at

Matthew Dalton

Source: Frontiers