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Mafia Attorney: Steven Seagal "is a pathological liar…"

January 19th, 2003

Movie tough guy Steven Seagal is a menace to bad guys and a perpetuator of justice in his movies, but……..that’s just in the movies. In a “reality check” turn of events for the on screen martial arts guru, federal prosecutors are having their hands full maintaining him as a credible witness.

During a racketeering case against former producer Julius Nasso, defense lawyers are grilling Seagal about his Hollywood reputation for exaggeration, even calling him a “pathological liar,…". An associate of the notorious Gambino Family, Nasso allegedly attempted to extort money from Steven Seagal after a movie deal went sour, threatening violence if he refused.

And if the public scrutiny over the actors secretive Hollywood back story by zealous defense attorneys isn’t bad enough, Steven Seagal must now contend with wire tap conversations where Gambino muscle describe him as “petrified” during intimidation meetings. Authorities say Seagal didn't trust the feds to help him initially, resorting to contacting a New Jersey State prisoner in hopes of having him use his mob ties to alleviate the situation. Steven Seagal will eventually be taking the stand at an unknown date.

George W. Horta III