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"The Rock" Is Rolling Smooth

January 24th, 2003


Famed WWE wrestler, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will test his range when he signs on for the role of a gritty 2 x 4-totting sheriff in the 1973 MGM remake, “Walking Tall”. Following on the heels of his latest film, “Helldorado” for Universal Studios, MGM hopes to sign off in time to secure the highly sought after football star turned wrestler turned actor.  Dwayne already has a number of studios vying for his time and attempting to create for him the perfect career vehicle. The long list pf potential projects include Universal's "Spy Hunter" ,"Johnny Bravo" at Warner Bros., "Walk Like a Dragon" at Paramount, and "Skip Tracer" and "King Kamehameha" at Sony.

George W. Horta III

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Source: CNN.COM