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Paltrow Has Heinie Digitally Altered For Film

January 29th, 2003

Whether you have noticed them or not, companies pay big bucks for cinematic product placements. Recently, Miramax has taken their 7-year-old alliance with Coors Brewing Company to a new level. In the upcoming Gwyneth Paltrow flick, A View From The Top, multiple bar scenes involving bottles of Heineken, (nick named Heinies by its drinkers), were shot. Because the movies production began before a new Coors/Miramax product placement agreement was struck, the movie distributor didn’t insert the Coors brand name in the appropriate scenes.

But Coors isn’t concerned because Miramax has tapped L.A. based digital FX company, Metrolight Studios for the task of having the scenes digitally manipulated, inserting Coors bottles where there once were Heinekens.

Product placement rights and issues are making waves all through Hollywood as the practice becomes increasingly common. More recently stirring up some headlines and problems involving Arnold Schwarzenegger when filming a Toyota 4 Runner chase scene for his upcoming Terminator 3 movie. Warner Brothers had a Toyota product placement agreement for the film, but Arnold has a long-standing product association agreement with Hummer.

A View From The Top will be released, March 21st, 2003 and T3 will be released, July 2nd, 2003.

George W. Horta, III

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