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Paramount Sensative to Shuttle Disaster

February 3rd, 2003

In what unfortunately has become necessary common Hollywood protocol, yet another cinematic trailer will be pulled and possibly edited in light of a world wide tragedy. The Space Shuttle Columbia and its fatal flight quickly prompted Viacom Inc owned studios, to review the trailer for The Core. Produced by Paramount, “The Core” is a sci-fi adventure involving NASA “terranauts” who have to travel to the center of the earth and save the world.

Certain scenes from the trailer, depicts a NASA space shuttle suffering from extreme turbulence while attempting to escape the Earths atmosphere. Though it is unlikely that the March 28, 2003 release would be delayed, it wouldn’t be the first time a film has been deferred or even altered because of tragedy. Last year during the Washington Sniper incidents, 20th Century Fox pushed back it’s November 15th release of the movie, “Phone Booth”. The movies story line involves a man played by Collin Farrell who gets trapped in a phone booth by a rooftop sniper performed by Kiefer Sutherland. Its current release date is April 4th 2003.

Earlier, an Arnold Schwarzenegger film, “Collateral Damage” was delayed because of the September 11th terrorist attack. This films story line revolved around Schwarzennegers character; a fire fighter that lost his family in a terrorist attack. It was released on February 8th 2002.

An even more notable movie delay, that even included actual scene changes because of the September 11th attack, involved the block busting “SpiderMan” movie. “SpiderMan” originally included scenes of the web slinger spinning a sticky trap between the World Trade Center buildings in order to catch a fleeing helicopter full of thieves. The scene was later edited out, and any subsequent scenes with the World Trade Center buildings, altered.

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