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Daredevil has Nothing to Fear at the box office

February 15th, 2003

No one really expected Daredevil to break Hannibal’s record for highest February opening, which is good, cause it won’t. It will come closer than most experts predicted, (although here at The Numbers we’re closer than most) with more than $15.6 million on Friday alone. The only other movie opening wide on Friday was The Jungle Book 2, which pulled in $3 million.

The Oscar bump was barely noticeable as Chicago only made $4 million. A million more than last Friday but in 400+ more theatres, for a per theatre increase of only 10%. Other movies with multiple nominations got similar bumps, but most were so far down the list that it hardly mattered.

The real surprise for holdovers the weekend was How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, which only dropped 10% from last Friday. Since opening weekends tend to be more frontloaded, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days could actually have a better the second weekend at the box office than their first. The other sophomore movies didn’t do so well. Deliver us From Eva lost a very respectable 33% but Shanghai Knights lost nearly 43%. Maybe The Tuxedo’s sluggish performance at the box office wasn’t Jennifer Love Hewitt’s fault after all.

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