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Daredevil Rules Over Presidents’ Day Weekend

February 19th, 2003

Daredevil easily won the Presidents’ Day weekend race with a four day total of $45 million, just a little higher than most predictions. However, its Friday to Sunday internal multiplier was only 2.63 and low Cinemascores suggests that Daredevil won’t have the legs fellow Marvel comic book creation Spider-Man had. It will probably end up with a final box office of $100 to $125 million.

The Jungle Book 2 came in 4th with $14 million, in line with recent Disney sequels like Return to Neverland. Similar opening weekends suggest The Jungle Book 2 should finish with a box office just shy of $50. But it will do better business with home video market than it did in the theatres.

Notable holdovers this week include How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, which couldn’t maintain its Valentine day boost, but still only lost 21% compared to last weekend. Buoyed by the Oscar buzz, Chicago’s box office increased this week by nearly 18% for a total so far of more than $80 million. But that increase can be entirely attributed to the increase in Chicago’s theatre count as its per theatre average dropped a few percent. Rounding out the top 5 was Shanghai Knights, which lost nearly 43% from its debut last week. That’s quite steep and doesn’t bode well for its long-term box office success.

It does appear that, for the most part, any increase in box office due to the long weekend was nullified by the blizzard conditions in the North East.

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