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Witherspoon In Modern "Blondes"; Garfield News; Pirates of the Carribean Renamed; Halloween and the Boogeyman

February 20th, 2003

It seems Reese Witherspoon has signed on to star in the remake of the 1953 Marilyn Monroe comedy, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. This decision is wise enough considering Witherspoon is probably the most popular blonde in movies today, with Legally Blonde and Sweet Home Alabama having grossed over $200 million combined. Also considered to star along with Witherspoon are Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, and Cameron Diaz. Kidman would seem like the better choice to me, as Roberts' pick of movies has slipped ever since unbelievably winning the Oscar in 2001 for the disjointed Erin Brockovich.

The planned Garfield vehicle looks to be heading in a Dr. Dolittle way. The movie, based on the classic comic strip by Jon Davis, will have talking real live animals via special effects. A huge fan of Garfield, I'm a bit disappointed the filmmakers didn't go with a mixture of real actors and animation (a la Who Framed Roger Rabbit?).

The upcoming Pirates of the Carribean has undergone a new title change in order to separate it from the Disney ride which it is based. The Jerry Bruckheimer production is now to be known as Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. That will clear things up as it now sounds like a video game.

Sceem Gems has bought the rights to the 1980 horror flick, The Boogeyman, and plans on revamping it for modern audiences. It is a'comin' soon.

And speaking of themes that never die, Halloween will be coming back to haunt us with a ninth entry in the immortal saga of Michael Myers. Well, to us die-hard Halloween fans, it will actually be No. 8 for Michael as the fiasco Halloween III was a Myersless mess of rubbish starring (of all people) Tom Atkins.

And that's all the news that fit to print.

Matthew Dalton

Source: Dark Horizons