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Corrected: Cruise Has His Eye on "The Eye"; Mission: Impossible 3; Thundercats; Mr. and Mrs. Smith

February 27th, 2003

Some exciting news for us foreign horror movie buffs: Tom Cruise and his fellow producing partner, Paula Wagner, have signed on to remake last year's chilling Hong Kong/Thai horror flick, The Eye. This might have to do with the enormous success of The Ring, which is available on DVD this coming Tuesday. The original Eye is a creepy little take on The Sixth Sense and is directed by the Pang Brothers. Unfortunately, the film is only available in selected comic shops and hard-to-find DVD markets, but if you eye it, I highly recommend a purchase.

Speaking of Cruise, he and Wagner are also in talks to produce a third Mission: Impossible movie for director Joe Carnhan (Narc). Cruise will star again and the script may be written by Robert Towne and Dean Georgaris (The Manchurian Candidate). David Fincher was original planned to direct.

For all you cartoon fans, it appears New Line Cinema may bring Thundercats to the big screen. It was one of my favorite shows as a kid and was popular in the early-to-mid 1980s.

Nicole Kidman and Brad Pitt could be seen together in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, an action comedy, according to Regancy Enterprises. I wonder if it will have anything to do with the 1941 romantic charmer of the same title which is directed by the great Alfred Hitchcock and stars Carol Lombard and Robert Montgomery?

Matthew Dalton

Thanks to John and Patrick for pointing out that The Eye was a Hong Kong/Thai movie, not Japanese as originally reported

Source: Dark Horizons