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Police Raid Tommy Chong’s Home and Business

February 28th, 2003

Earlier this week Drug Enforcement Agency officers carried out Operation Pipe Dream raiding businesses and homes of people suspected of dealing in marijuana paraphernalia. In what could be the easiest bit of detective work in human history, one of those people busted was long time ‘pot enthusiast’ Tommy Chong. When his home and business, Chong Glass, was raided a small amount of pot was discovered. The only real surprise was only a small amount was found.

Chong Glass, and many of the other businesses raided, sell hookahs, hand pipes, hammers, etc. with the caveat, ‘All products are for legal blend and tobacco use only.’

At this time it is unknown what legal repercussions Tommy Chong could face. However, it is safe to say whatever the consequences are, the situation will be lampooned in the upcoming Cheech and Chong movie.

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Source: Zap 2 It