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Kidman and Cusack Married to Stepford Wives

March 9th, 2003

John Cusack is in talks to join Nicole Kidman in the remake of the 1975 thriller, The Stepford Wives. The original was a minor hit when it first came out, but as since achieved cult classic status for being campy and over-the-top. Its story line is considered quite dated by many people, so it remains to be seen if audiences will accept the remake, or whether changes must be made.

Also in talks to star in The Stepford Wives is Joan Cusack. If talks go ahead as planned, this will be the seventh time the brother and sister pair has been in a movie together.

John Cusack can next be seen in the suspense thriller Identity, opening April 25th. Nicole Kidman’s next picture is The Human Stain opening either in the Spring or later in the year during Oscar season.

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